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Imagine a floor so easy to install you can do it yourself—all in one day. Fuzion’s SmartDrop flooring combines the need for speed with uncompromised design quality. This ultimate loose lay luxury vinyl flooring installs quickly over most subfloors with no special tools required.


Opus Floors natural cork flooring is an outstanding ecological material, able to retain CO2 to a considerable level. The Portuguese Cork Oak Tree – QUERCUS SUBER L – forests retain approx. 14 million tons of CO₂ yearly. Not a single tree is cut or damaged during the harvesting.
Our cork floors are produced from 100% pure natural cork materials, from cork trees that are never cut down, meaning the cork trees will remain a carbon sink for their lifetime. This contributes to a negative carbon footprint, reducing global warming and improving the general sustainability of our planet.

Stone Trends

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

This collection features products made of a very unique and realistic wood design and texture. Inspired by the calm of the sea, its colors will create the perfect blend to your decor.

Being completely waterproof, easily installed and featuring an antimicrobial wear layer, these luxury vinyl planks and tiles can be installed anywhere in your home.

A floor for all seasons, this hybrid luxury vinyl floor is perfect for just about any location in the home or cottage. Cityside or lakeside, this floor is built to perform. Rugged good looks, waterproof, easy to install click system, easy to maintain, and easy on the budget, Dynamix XL will transform your room in to a clean attractive living space.

This high-end collection of rigid engineered luxury vinyl planks with cork backing and an enhanced finish with ceramic beads is wear resistant. The cork backing provides good thermal and acoustic insulation, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Perfect for hosting the action taking place at your customers’ homes!

Distinguished by modern and inviting colors, Therma will appeal to all tastes. In addition, the painted macro bevel provides a realistic visual reminiscent of the space between planks that real wood flooring offers, now possible for a rigid engineered luxury vinyl.

This collection showcases certain styles that display the “Designer’s Choice” feature at its best. Color variations will give your decor a unique character.

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